Shootman Edit


A shootman, moments before executing the gabber chef.

The shootman is one of many highly trained (possibly alien) government assassins that often appear during gabber meals and other activities. They are extensively skilled in combat, hiding and disguising. They are known for disguising as dance partners, and later murdering a specific target, often a gabber. The first shootman was seen with the gabber chef in 2016. Back then, people believed there was only one shootman, working by himself. However, these theories have now been scrapped with new information.

History Edit

February 2016 Edit

The shootman is one of many professional assassin agents who are often set out to keep control of the Gabber evolution and population. They do this by executing any gabber who attempts to make an advancement in the Gabber's evolution. The example from the Gabber meal shows this. Before the gabber chef came, gabbers had no type of food except cheap can food, which they bought from grocery stores, along with coffee and powerade. The Gabber Chef wanted to change this, and also being an experienced chef, he decided to make a live video on how to make professional and more advanced food. The video instantly got a lot of viewers, he even got 2 gabbers who decided to join him as dance partners. One of these gabbers was a shootman in disguise.

June 2016 Edit

The gabber chef was successfully executed, but there was a problem. All the gabbers who had seen the video knew now how to make their own gabber meal purely out of ingredients. With this knowledge, they could gain a lot of strength, intelligence and powers with a more nutritious and professional meal. The British government feared this would cause a massive advancement in the Gabber evolution, as they could very soon affect the civilians. The government decided to go into all grocery stores and move all coffee and powerade to their own premises, being the Coffee and Powerade Storage. Both of these are the gabbers essential source of energy. With this plan, the government could expect the gabbers energy to soon run low, making them incapable and powerless.

Trivia Edit

  • The reason they are sometimes suspected for being alien is from witnesses claiming they have seen them teleport a few feet ahead of them, suggesting supernatural abilities. 
  • The shootmen have one thing in common - they all make a certain expression on their faces upon executing a target. The reason behind this is unknown.
  • The shootmen are employed by the government to actually protect human civilization, as the gabbers would affect them negatively.